The Big D


D is for didn’t. We didn’t intend to pick up and move just yet.

D is for Dallas. This is where we are now.

D is for doubt. I’ve completed a story that I’ve been working on and I’m ready to submit it. In theory. In fact, I am thinking that it might not be good enough. that it will never be good enough. But I have committed myself to submitting enough to get rejected at least 50 times. That might only take 50 submissions at this point, but once I get there I’ll tack on more to my goal. This could go on for a while.

What if I reach 100 rejections with not one acceptance? I can’t think about that right now. It’s too devastating. Devastating to the point that it would make me consider stopping all together.

There are two more stories on deck and a third that I might consider submitting. If I submit each of the four stories to three different journals, that would be 12 rejections. Less than half of my goal. Can my ego take that?

Do I have a choice?

Photo by Karyn Christner


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